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Comprehensive Eye Health Exam

Monticello Optical Center IMG 0033(1)At Monticello Optical in Monticello, Minnesota our doctors provide the best in personalized, comprehensive eye care. We know how important your vision is, which is why we only schedule one patient per hour. We want to ensure that you get the full attention of our eye doctors each and every visit. This unique service coupled with state of the art technology allows us to use our time wisely during our comprehensive eye exams to uncover hidden symptoms, and potentially sight threatening eye disorders and diseases most of which cannot be found by a simple vision screening. Take a moment to contact us to make an appointment or call our office today at 763-295-5292.

Exams Performed Only by the Doctor

Here at Monticello Optical “personalized” to us is not just a marketing word, it means your entire examination will be performed by only the doctor, you will not be taken from room to room and tested by non-doctors. This applies also to sophisticated tests like Threshold Visual Field Tests and Retinal Photography. Test result nuances can be lost when “handed off” from one person to another, this won’t happen in our office.

Monticello Optical Center IMG 0025In this photo Dr. Jeffrey Wieber is performing a Threshold Visual Field Test using the most advanced instrumentation available, the latest Humphrey Threshold Visual Field Perimeter. Some examples where this test is important: Glaucoma, Retinal Detachment, Optic Nerve Atrophy, Retinal Disease, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, toxic drug use like Plaquenil, Brain Tumor and more. Note that Dr. Wieber is performing the test personally and not a technician. Here is an example of how a poorly trained assistant or distracted technician could misinterpret a common error in Visual Field Testing. If the patient’s chin were to move slightly during the test, the “Blind Spot” would also move, confusing the instrument’s processing. The Visual Field Tester would record the test as “invalid”because it misinterprets the patient as not properly looking at the target. The assistant would report an invalid result, when in fact, the test would actually be valid. In this case the alert doctor does actually visualize proper fixation during the test along with the chin movement, and correctly calls the test valid, but the examiner must be present to do so.

Monticello Optical Center IMG 0016In this photo Dr. Jeffrey Wieber is analyzing a retinal photograph. The off-white colored circle seen on the monitor screen is the Optic Nerve Head which carries one million neuron signals about vision to the brain at the back of the head. So he is seeing the actual front of the brain. Also present on the screen is detailed appearance of the macula, the center and most important part of vision. Important aspects to note and record for present and future reference are dry macular degeneration, wet macular degeneration, normal macular appearance, glaucoma, and numerous other eye conditions of the macula and optic nerve.

Better Continuity of Care

The use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) has advantages and disadvantages. A single encounter for an exam using EHR is usually 4-5 pages long. So if you are with a Clinic for 10 years with one exam per year that is about 45 pages. For the doctor to provide the best understanding, diagnosis and treatment, both Dr. Michael and Dr. Jeffrey Wieber agree that the physician should briefly review the entire record, 10 years back. So do you think your doctor reviews 45 pages?

Dr. Michael Wieber solved this problem in 1979. For EVERY encounter or exam, he records important points like date, Intraocular pressure, type of exam, chief complaint, diagnosis, tests performed and results, treatment, success of treatment, and other salient points. He enters this all on just one line of page. That way he can get 20-25 years of exam records on a single sheet of paper that we call the Summary. This is a time-consuming process, but he has been dedicated to this now for 35 years.

Concerning your own medical history, you no doubt have witnessed your health care professional scroll through page after page, most of it repetitive or irrelevant information in an attempt to find something specific. Of course our office also has pages of exams, but what makes us UNIQUE is the Summary where all exam points are on one page, so the doctor can find virtually anything in 30 seconds, and just as importantly, nothing will be missed in the scrolling process. We are the ONLY eye care office which provides this service.

Why are Eye Exams Important?

In order to maintain clear vision and the overall health of your visual system routine eye exams are essential. Even if you are having no symptoms, these exams give our doctors the chance to detect and inform you of certain eye disorders like Glaucoma, Cataracts, Macular Degeneration and many other eye disorders as well as certain health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and MS. Early detections of certain eye diseases can make a huge difference in your treatment and can not only save your vision but your wallet as well. Give us a call today to schedule your eye exam in Monticello, MN – your eyes are counting on it!